Fuck America 2

When I published Fuck America 1, friends, family and some readers asked what was wrong with me, why was I so anti-American, what was my problem?

America, they said, was a land of liberty and freedom, justice and equality, a beacon on a hill, the Leader of the Free World, and an example for all the other nations on earth to copy. Look at its cool movies and great TV shows and fantastic phones and groovy social media. Everyone’s so friendly and happy, happy, happy in America!

Well, that’s their view. My view is that America is a bloated, corrupt, decadent and failed state. The very first point on my list was:

Fuck America with its screwed-up race relations, its black men shot on a weekly basis by its racist police.

I’m tempted to claim special powers of prophecy, except that anyone who reads the news knows about white American cops killing unarmed black men and women on a weekly, almost daily, basis in the land of the free, in the land of opportunity, in the land of justice and equality.

I went on to point out that America:

  • has the largest prison population in the world (2.2 million), disproportionately blacks and Hispanics
  • has the world’s leading opioid addiction epidemic
  • has an epidemic of suicides among middle-aged white men with nothing to live for
  • is home to ruined, abandoned cities like Detroit, Birmingham and Flint
  • has an out-of-control gun culture symbolised by its disgusting high school massacres
  • a shameful healthcare system which condemns tens of millions of its own citizens to misery, unnecessary pain and early death
  • still pursues its endless imperialist wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are estimated to have cost $2 trillion
  • is the source of the creepy penetration of all our lives by its social media, phone and internet giants (which evade paying taxes in any of their host countries)
  • has a ruinously polarised political system which has brought the entire nation to the brink of bankruptcy several times in the last few decades and reflects a deeply, deeply divided society
  • leads the way in out-of-control casino capitalism, which gave us the great crash of 2008 which nearly broke the world financial system (and led to a decade of Austerity in the UK)
  • all of which breeds the poisonous rhetoric of identity politics and political correctness which reflect the uniquely fucked-up state of their squalid country, but which is exported to other countries round the world and plays its part in stoking up hatred and division everywhere
  • and at the top of this society, running it, leading it, and symbolising its complete failure on every level, of intellect, culture and responsibility, there squats the great and wise President Trump

Which of these claims are untrue? Which ones are Americans most proud of?

And why do so many Brits grovel, genuflect and bow down to every cultural product emitted by this oozing cesspit – from gushing coverage of the Oscars to critical acclaim for every new Netflix series, from fawning interviews with the authors of its violent thrillers to the wholesale imitation of America’s shrill and divisive identity politics,  a form of political rhetoric which exacerbates differences between people, polarising and antagonising already divided communities?

Why do we, as a nation, seem hell-bent on importing and copying every element of their fabulous culture? Why on earth do we want our country to be more like this cesspit of racism, inequality and violence?

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  1. C A Clarke

     /  June 3, 2020

    Yes, yes and yes. What is it about the USA of today that commands any sort of admiration? I think people remember its ‘better days’ of, say, the 1970s, when it seemed to be trying to make itself a just society, but that was an illusion. There was no golden time, and any moment of sunlight was a rift in the clouds of corrupt, domination by the rich, racism, solipsism, and ignorance. Read any history. Ponder the words Tammany Hall, Robber Barons, Jim Crow.


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