The Falklands War

2 April 2012

The 30th anniversary of Argentine forces invading the Falkland Islands and sparking the war. As Robert Fisk has written, war is always a sign of failure, the failure of diplomacy, reason, humanity. This mournful anniversary has prompted a vast outpouring of documentaries, radio programmes, newspaper editorials, from which I learn that the conflict

  • boosted the armed forces’ confidence, paving the way for Tony Blair’s humanitarian interventions in the 90s
  • lifted national morale at a time of deep economic depression
  • but most of all, it emboldened Mrs Thatcher to take on the internal ‘enemies’ she had previously shied away from – the miners, the GLC et al, radically transforming Britain’s economic and social structures.

Profound changes which reverberate to this day. Thus History, heartless, amoral, makes meaning from the bodies of butchered men.

The Falklands War on Wikipedia

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