The Mystery of Appearance @ the Haunch of Venison gallery

22 December 2011

To the Haunch of Venison gallery off New Bond Street to see its exhibition of 10 English painters.

Small display, just three rooms, but very powerfully conveys just how deadly boring British art was in the 70s and 80s when I was growing up. Some non-descript Hockney, 1 or 2 sordid Freuds, but the dominant impression was of Kossoff and Auerbach’s ugly black and brown and yellow and red paintings where the oil is as thick as spilt toothpaste, rising off the canvas in swirls like poisoned meringue. English art seemed terminally depressed and middle-aged until the YBAs erupted into life and colour and controversy and comedy in the mid 90s!

The Haunch of Venison

Review in the Daily Telegraph

Review in the Guardian

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